Mike at Ulu's 2016

Mike at Ulu's 2016



Michael has been researching, practicing and helping others improve surfing performance through improving movement, nutrition, mindset and technique for 15 years.

Mike is a surf coach and movement coach focused on helping others to surf better through education, practice, and refinement. Michael combines surf coaching with; surf-specific bodyweight strength training, performance neurology & vision training to fast track your surfing progression. 
Michael is passionate Surfer who has been studying surfing, human movement, athleticism, nutrition and health for over 15 years. He is an experienced Personal Trainer who specialises in training surfers of all levels in and around Malibu, California and via Skype.



The podcast is dedicated to sharing the knowledge of people in the surf industry who are happy to reveal their wealth of experience and insights to us all. Aimed at opening listeners to new ideas and fundamentals that will improve their surfing and surfing techniques and mindsets both in and out of the water.

We interview the best surfers in the world and the people behind them, so surfers can learn ways to improve their own surfing.  The podcast is targeted to open-minded surfers who want to improve and progress their surfing as well as enhance their surf longevity & health.

Each interview will educate the listener on ways to refine and progress their surfing and/or increase their surf longevity.


The course's, diploma's, certificates I have completed along with the books I have read, the coaches I have worked with and the training I have done have all been undertaken with a view to "improve my surfing"  

Whilst living in London my theory that you can become a better surfer out of the water was put to the test. I trained every day and when I finally would hit the waves I found (surprisingly enough) that my surfing improved every timeI

I currently train surfers in Los Angeles, Malibu, C.A. specialising in surf-specific training – i.e. strength and conditioning for the movements of surfing, athletic development, surf mobility, body awareness training, balance, speed and quickness training, injuries and injury prevention.

As a surf coach, I use video analysis, performance neurology, and skateboarding to fast track motor-learning and refine surfing technique

I also run a variety of surf related health and fitness classes.

You can contact me here. 



Move better, surf better
— MIke Frampton