002: TOM CARROLL - 2x World champ shares some insights into how he got so good.

Tom talks about some of the strategies he used to take his surfing to the next level, as well as some great tips on surf longevity and nutrition. 

Summary - Look for the detail on the wave. Pay close attention to the finer details of the wave, the wind chops, the secondary swell, the backwash, every bump, nook, and cranny. Look at the way the light reflects off of every small ripple, look to see where and how water is moving and where it is moving most so you can generate speed. If you want to surf small waves better, then this is how. Get focused and start paying attention… and put the time in - lots of practice!


Contact Tom at tom@tomcarrollpaddlesurf.com

Julian Wilson doing some agility training with Pro Movement: