001: MATT GRAINGER - NSW High performance coach talks about surf training and how to better yourself in the water.



Matt shares some of his vast knowledge he has acquired during his time as a; pro surfer, free surfer, NSW Elite Performance Coach, NSW Junior Team Coach, Manly Surf School CEO/Founder.

Surf with surfers that are better than you, it will inspire you to get better. Watch them very closely, what they do with their arms, foot placement etc. 

Good surfers paddle hard, pop up fast then create ‘lift’ to generate speed. What happens before your first bottom turn is what sets up the rest of your wave. Great surfers are great paddlers and can pop up very fast. When the waves are under 4ft they throw their arms up and forward to create lift & forward momentum to generate speed, watch some surf movies in slo-mo to see this and go out and try it


Some good surfing in some average waves can be viewed here:


Pop-up vid here:


Paddling vid here:


More info on Matt:


Here is a pic of Matt charging some big waves:

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